Monday, April 24, 2017

Island Tour

After our friends Rob and JD took the island tour and highly recommended it, we decided it would be a fun way to spend Al's last day. So, we met Jocelyn at 8:30 and away we went in her air conditioned van! 

This is looking down at Taiohae Bay where our boat is anchored.

See the large grey bird in the tree on the left?  It is a loud Marquésan Pigeon.

This is Comptroller Bay, the other tribal site for the first season of Survivor. 

Al, Katie and Mike

Little protective huts for drying coconut. 


A new cultural center for the gathering and teaching of old customs.

Tiki happy to see me

Another platform Tohua for ceremonies

 The Catholic Church

Marquesan Cross


Pulpit carved out of a chestnut tree and Ressurrected Jesus carving on front wall (unusual to see)! 


Marquesan Virgin Mary 

Marquesan Drum 

Separate bell tower in case of earthquakes 

Marquesan Palm Tree (rare)

Tattoo Fern

 Marquesan out looking for his friend (with two dogs and a donkey while riding his horse). Normal.

 Important Banyan Tree for ceremonies.  Archeologists found remains of the sacrificed hanging in these trees

Petrylgraph of tribal chief

 Another ceremonial site

Mike and Al happy to not be sacrificed

Lunch spot

View from Restsurant Vivian 

Anahō Bay


Sunset back at Taiohae Bay

A great outing!  

First Mate Kate

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