Sunday, April 23, 2017

Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands


We arrived in Nuku Hiva by the light of the full moon and lightning in the distance after what we felt was the most beautiful of all sunsets we had along the way.

It seemed a bit daunting to be entering an unfamiliar bay at night, and when we began our approach, the moon went behind a large thunder-bumper (cumulonimbus).  Complete darkness. 

We turned on the radar and found our land boundaries again, and continued into Taiohae Bay.  We radioed our friend Rob on Shindig who had arrived two days prior for any advice on spots to anchor, and he got out his spotlight to shine on boats that had no anchor light/ lights on. Thank you, Rob!!

Just when we really needed light the moon made a perfect entrance and guided us into our spot.  We were anxious, tired and excited all at once, and eager to have the anchor down after 22 days at sea. 

A few moments after getting settled, the whole crew from Shindig arrived by dinghy to congratulate us on our passage and welcome us to Nuku Hiva. We shared a bowl of pamplemousse, our first taste of the Marquesas Islands. The sweet and juicy taste reminded us of a sweet grapefruit.  It just happens to be a perfect complement to Don Julio 70.

Thank you, Rob, JD, Tom and Sylvia! 
Thank you friends and family who sent us texts, emails, love and light for a safe journey. Thank you Neptune for granting us permission to cross safely into the Southern Hemisphere, and last but certainly not least, thank you Mike and Al for being part of the Pangaea dream with me and crossing the South Pacific together!

First Mate Kate

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