Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Back to Daniel's Bay

We were pretty sure all is well with our engine (shhhhh...don't let her hear me) so we took off to Daniel's Bay for the night on our way to the north side of the island.  Taiohae Bay was getting so rolly we felt like we were under way!  To make matters worse, our flopper stopper broke last night, the devise that dampened the roll.

As we were heading there, the sky, sun and sea put on a show for us:

I'm not sure why but I started thinking about how music and the Sea are connected.  There are many songs about the Sea and sailing:

"Southern Cross" "Come Sail Away," "I'd Rather Be Sailing","Sailing to Philadelphia" just to name a few...

 ...and a lot of boats we have met with musical names:

A Capella, Duet, Music, Mandolina, SongLine, Harmony, Dulce Maestra, Drumbeat

And I think of the Sea Symphony I sang with the Colorado Symphony and Chorus.  Blessed Ralph Vaughan Williams! Faure, Debussy, Brahms and Schumann loved the Sea and also wrote songs about her beauty (among many others).

And, I seem to be as happy on the Sea as anywhere, because I tend to write a lot of songs!

"I've Set Sail"
"The Sun, the Moon and You"
"Tequila Highway"
"Throw off the Dock Lines"
"All the way to Tahiti"
"I Miss You"

...just a few of my favorites !

We are going to work on some music videos to share my songs with you.

We arrived in Daniel's Bay and it is much calmer and not as rolly here. Happy to be back. The dramatic cliffs are so powerful!

First Mate Kate

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