Thursday, May 11, 2017

Hike and bite

We hiked the waterfall again today, but this time with the guidance of Paul who lives in Daniel's Bay and our friend Nancy (Rob's wife-on Shindig) who flew into Nuku Hiva on Wednesday. 

It has been a wet season and the mosquitos have an optimal breeding ground on the island with plentiful standing fresh water. Knowing that, we brought Off and Repel and covered ourselves from head to toe with mosquito dope. Mike had Dengue fever last year, so we are especially proactive in preventing mosquito borne diseases.

Despite all of my efforts, including reapplying often, I had at least 20 bites on each arm and leg! There isn't enough Benadryl, spray or lotion to stop the itching!! Aaaah!!

First Mate Kate (scratch-scratch)

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