Thursday, May 11, 2017

Hakaehu Bay

What a beautiful bay this is! We awoke to a little rain after a thankfully uneventful night but then the sun came out!

Hakaehu Bay

We took advantage of the sun and light wind and pulled out our sails so they could dry. As Mike was working on deck he lost his favorite hat so he jumped on his paddle board to retrieve it.

Mike happily returning with his hat

Today was scrub the hull of Pangaea day.  We put on our suits, got on the paddle boards, and scrubbed the hull until it was clean! 

While we were scrubbing, Richard on Waianiwa came over on his paddle board to say hi and invite us over for drinks later.

We decided to paddle to shore as our reward for working so hard. It was beautiful!

 A view of the bay from the beach
Waianiwa and Pangaea 

Fresh water river flowing into the bay
Mike hiking the river bank

Another river view

Coconut tree farm

Hiking out toward the bay

We swam a bit, took cockpit showers and cleaned up for cocktails on Waianiwa.  While we were waiting, the sunset gave us a treat of mountain glow.

We had a lovely time getting to know Richard, Kristen and their two children Wilson and Isabel.  Their boat was gorgeous wth all the bells and whistles.  An amazing yacht! Thank you for such a nice evening!

We came home and made duck in a can for dinner!

The French version of Dinty Moore!

The night was a clear as I have seen it and I woke up in the middle of the night just to stargaze.  I saw 5 or more shooting stars!! 

We awoke to an even clearer morning with no clouds around the mountain.

We are on our way to Annaho Bay!

 We will miss you, Hakaehu Bay.

First Mate Kate


  1. Wow! No cactus in those pictures!!!! Beautiful. Glad you're living the dream! Miss you guys!