Saturday, May 20, 2017

Nuku Hiva- Makemo, Tuamotu

thought you might enjoy these pics from the passage. No devices were out (except at the departure and the first few hours) to capture the first two days in fear that they would get drenched or knocked overboard.

Shindig heading out of Daniel's Bay

Mike pulling up anchor

Off on another adventure!

A shot of Oa Pou (pronounced Wa Poo)

Sunrise 5/20

Morning glow and calming seas

A new bunch of bananas for the Tuamotus

Afternoon Clouds

Sunset begins

Sailing with storm Jib and main headsail 

Foamy Seas

A gorgeous night


Sunrise but with a surprise!

Morning squall=free boat wash!

Full rainbow!

The wind died so we decided it was a perfect time to replace the CPT belt, which is great.  The wind vane needs a decent amount of wind to work well.

Mike quickly took off the wheel and replaced the CPT belt while we were in hove-to position.

 I spent a good hour juicing limes we brought from Nuku Hiva.  1 lime =1 T lime juice.  I have 6 cups of lime juice. This is important as there are no lines in the Tuamotus. There will be no scurvy aboard Pangaea. :-)

Another gorgeous day on the Pacific

I love the big, blue ocean!

Sunset, the last one at sea for awhile.

First Mate Kate, a.k.a. Salty

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