Sunday, March 1, 2015

Barra de Navidad


Mike brought me into the marina to walk with Nancy on Shindig this morning.  She took me all around the golf course to a secret beach with a gorgeous view and a rugged, rocky shoreline.  We explored a little and then looped back. 12,000 steps...done!

Nancy and I got together with Bob on Nirvana at her boat to play some music.  We had fun asinging through a whole variety of songs from Sondheim to Elton John.  It was great to siand make music with the two of them; Nancy was on keys and Bob on mandolin.  I am really out of shape vocally.  I must find a way to sing more whilst sailing.

Mike and I went to town and explored a little courtesy of Taxi Aquatico.  We decided to eat at Loco Loco after watching the sunset atop Hotel La Alondra.  The pizza was almost as good as the sunset was beautiful.

We got a little turned around after dinner and couldn't find the water taxi.  A nice cruising couple from S/V Georgia took us to the water taxi dock.

It was a great day in Barra.  We really like it here.

Hasta Pronto!

First Mate Kate


Mike and I took our dinghy to the marina and went for a walk.  I tried to re-create the walk Nancy took.  Well, I missed one turn and we ended up walking a lot farther.  We did end up finding the rocky point and secret beach.  We got s late start so it was pretty hot.  Luckily, Nancy and Rob invited us to be their guests at the pool this afternoon.  Yay!

The pool turned out to be a really great idea.  There is full service (food and drink), a water slide which Mike, Rob and I all played on and a swim-up bar, where we all drank margaritas and toasted to being in Barra together.  What it also did was convince Mike that we needed to be in the marina for good wi-fi and pool time.  He also agreed to a night or two in the hotel.

We saw a little party on Alcyone so the four of us headed over.  Mike and I had so much fun getting to know Betsy and Kenny and Bob. They served really yummy tequilla.  Very special tequilla.  It was a lovely evening.

First Mate Kate


Around 8:30, Rob and Nancy (Shindig) helped us dock safely in the marina.  Then we took the dinghy to town and had brunch at the French Bakery.  It was so lovely, we decided we needed to support this fantastic restaurant regularly while we are in Barra. 

Our brunch consisted of quiche that came with a little salad and a "multivitamin" green juice and I enjoyed a wonderful latte.

Then it was back to Shindig so Nancy, Bob and I could practice a few pieces we would play together later this evening.

After a little pool time, we showered and got ready for a little appetizer party at the marina.  It was a nice opportunity to get to know our fellow cruisers.

After the crowd died down, a few of us went to Shindig for a little after-party party and a mini concert. I sang a few pieces with Bob and Nancy, and they did a few pieces...just the two of them.

The music and company were great and we all had an excellent evening.

Still a soprano,

First Mate Kate


Rob, Nancy, Mike and I got up early and walked together.  It is a great start to the day to get all your steps in (yes, moderately obsessed with my misfit exercise tracker).

We had worked up a big appetite, so Mike and I took the dinghy into town and ate brunch at the French Bakery again,  I had quiche again and Mike ordered a panini sandwich.  We both had iced mochas,  Talk about yum!  

After another great day at the pool, Shindig took us to the best street tacos place.  The tacos were made from this great marinated meat...tacos al pastor they were called, and served like gyros from a spit.  We ended the night at Thrifty for ice cream cones.

Another gastronomical day,

First Mate Kate


We are definitely enjoying being in the marina.  The French Baker actually comes into the marina and stops at your dock with a variety of breads, quiche, croissants, and mini tarts/pies.  We are walking 6-7 miles a day on average, factoring in, of course, a little Frenchie start to our day.  Not to lose weight, but to maintain.  Ha!  Well, that's what I keep telling myself.

I went to the pool to work on my taxes and Skype my parents.  It was nice to see mom and dad.  It has been freezing cold in the midwest, and I reminded them that they have an open invitation to come join us in Mexico.  I am not holding my breath.

Tonight was the OSCARS party at the Grand Isla Navidad Hotel.  A few women in the marina asked about viewing it at the hotel and it became an official event.  We, of course, dressed in our fancy dresses, drank champagne and enjoyed hors d'ouvres.  Meanwhile, Mike and Rob enjoyed a taco tour in town.

Great fun!

Yay Birdman!

First Mate Kate


This morning we went on a quick walk with Nancy. We took a different route today, up a big hill by the marina.  On our way up, we saw at least 10 cudamundes, little raccoon-like creatures that also resemble a lemur.  Of course, no camera.

We got back to the boat in time for Rob to host the local net.  He did an excellent job.

After breakfast, Rob took Mike to the Port Captain to check out and then we all took a bus to Melaque, a nearby town, for provisioning.  We ate lunch at a great little place called Estrella.   Mike, Nancy and I had chile rellenos and Rob had ribs.  

Shindig did a great job showing us all the hot spots; we got almost everything we needed at Hawaii, a cruisers dream store. My only challenge was Mike, who seemed to take things out of the basket as quickly as I put them in.

We had a nice finish to the day by the pool.

We ended our day watching a cool movie with Val Kilmer... something Vengance.  Our dinner...popcorn.  Kind of funny that we chose popcorn with a fully stocked galley.

Life is good,

First Mate Kate


Our last day in Barra (for a while).  We got new neighbors...Rocket Girl.  Dan and DeeAnna. They sailed straight to Barra from PV.  

We spent the morning getting the boat ready.  In the afternoon,,Nancy and I went shopping a bit.  She bought a couple of dresses...I got two little bowls for nuts or sauces and a pewter tray ($15!).  

We spent our last afternoon by the pool and even did a slide.  Rob was there and we celebrated with a margarita.  It seemed like a good idea. At the time.  Until I realized that I had left my prescription Maui Jim's at the pool.

We went to dinner at Bananas with our new neighbors, Rocket Girl.  We had filet mignon and they had chicken parmesan.  It was a great evening.

First Mate Kate

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