Thursday, March 12, 2015

Enjoying GuitarFest and Z-town

It has already been a fun week with great music, culture, food/drink and friendships.  I feel really blessed.  The cruising lifestyle is very freeing and I am feeling much more grounded and centered than I was when we were in the Sea of Cortez last year.

We have attended concerts on a beach venue in the evenings, blending the music on stage with the sounds of the sea.

We had an intimate gala experience on Tuesday in a gorgeous outside patio setting and a lovely dinner at Coconuts.  Here is a couple snippets of video.

Last night a large gathering took place on Trinity Rose (thank you, Linda and Mike!) where we enjoyed amazing food and drink and made our own music.  We had a fiddle (Nancy on Shindig picked up and just started playing the fiddle. Something she had never done before!  Amazing talent there!), Bob on Nirvana on mandoline, Keith from Story Seeker and Deborah from Heavy Metal on guitar and I was on lead vocals.  We were accompanied by an egg shaker, tambourine, and a lot of tapping of feet and singing along.  Very fun! And we sounded really good!

(Photos courtesy of Trinity Rose)

Thursday is Pozole day in Zihuatanejo . It's like a hominy with chicken and spices.  The soup is served with condiments for you to embellish and create as you desire.  We chose Any's for our Pozole stop.  Delicioso!

We discovered this mural on a side wall of a building on our way to Any's.  Cool, eh?

First Mate Kate

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