Sunday, March 1, 2015

Chamela to Paraiso


 By the time morning arrived we were both pretty rock'n rolled out.  Our neighbors were, as well, based on the mass exodus to a nearby anchorage with better southerly protection.  We had breakfast and contemplated our next move.  We both agreed that we didn't want to stay where we were.  I wanted to head south a bit to Paraiso, an anchorage about 8 NM away.  The seas were high and the surf was up at about 2-3 seconds between waves.   We both decided to go for it, so we packed up and started up the engine.  We put the main sail up more for stability than anything and motor sailed down to Paraiso, praying that there would be room for us in the tiny anchorage.  We completely underestimated the seas.  We had 6-8 foot swells to manage, some that were crashing onto the bow.  I took the helm for the entire journey to face my fears a bit.  I am more and more impressed with Pangaea and how she handles herself heading to wind.  I only squealed once after a big wave crashed onto our bow.  We made it to Paraiso in a couple of hours and there was one little lobe left for us! We anchored and were so happy.  It was appropriately named; Paraiso means "paradise".  The nervy journey made the anchorage that much sweeter!

We decided to explore now that the water was protected from the swell.  We paddled around up wind to ensure an easy trip back to the boat.  We were in awe with the beauty of the place!  We also found out that two of the four boats in the anchorage were also from Colorado.  Small world, indeed.

On our last paddle we were invited aboard the catamaran Living Free and enjoyed meeting Steve, Janny and the malti-poo Gracie.  They were a great couple living the dream.  Their boat was gorgeous!  As we were leaving their boat we were greeted by one of the most spectacular sunsets I have ever seen.  The sky was on fire!  We didn't get back in time to capture it in its full glory, but we got the tail end of it.

In paradise,

First Mate Kate

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