Sunday, March 8, 2015

Isla Grande

Isla Grande is technically Ixtapa, although you only see a small section of it from the anchorage.

Rob came over to help Mike troubleshoot the engine, equipped with a book on Diesel engine mechanics and a can of Ether.  After a few minutes and a shot of ether into the air intake manifold, she started!  She was a bit cranky at first, but soon she was humming her old, sweet hum.  Music to my ears!  Rob!  You are my hero!!! Thank you, once again, for saving the day!!!  Mike and Rob checked the SSB signals and we were done!

After that, and putting the boat back together, a trip to the beach was in order.  Shindig and Trinity Rose were already there along with Rigo and his son Hunter from Heavy Metal. We drank a margarita and ate grilled fish, and the women bought dresses and rings from beach vendors.  

We also helped Hunter make a race car out of sand.  Rob was the mastermind of the design, but we all pitched in to help.


The day ended with an impromptu shindig on Shindig. We all wore out new dresses and baubles.  When we returned to the boat, we watched another round of fireworks from our cockpit.  This is a pretty magical place!

In awe,

First Mate Kate

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