Sunday, March 1, 2015

Paraiso to Barra de Navidad

Caleta Pariso- Barra de Navidad

We left Paraiso on course to Barra.  The wind was blowing and at our back, and we were in for one heck of a day of sailing.

On the way we passed Casa Cuxmal, the infamous castle where people come to stay for an "Eco-tourism" experience.  We are not sure how $500-$2000 a night stay is "eco".  They do grow and serve their own organic food.  However, for that price, I'm thinking there's more "ego" than "eco."

We had two little porpoises swim along side of us and at our bow.  They looked like they were enjoying the surf; they were swimming back and forth and riding the waves.

We made such good time that before we knew it we were in Tenacatita, and it seemed silly not to keep going.  So, off we were to Barra de Navidad where our friends Nancy and Rob on Shindig were awaiting our arrival.

The trip was really fun because we had about 22 knots off our stern the whole day.  It became a little bit more interesting, though, when we found ourselves nose first into the swell as we took our main down.

We rocked and rolled our way into the lagoon; there was no way we were going to attempt docking in 20 knots of wind.

That night we joined a group of friends of Shindig's and took a water taxi to town for a group dinner.  We met Ken and Carrie (Bula), Kenny and Betsy (Alsayenne), Bob (Nirvana) and Pascal and Bruce (Ceclot).  Our first stop was an historic hotel rooftop for drinks, as the restaurant didn't have room for us.  We had a gorgeous view of the sunset.  The restaurant ran out of pizza so we had street tacos and took in the last of the Carnival festivities, including bright colored baby chicks.

This is officially the most southern city we have been to on the Pacific side of Mexico.

Happy Birthday, Kathy Albert!

First Mate Kate

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