Friday, March 6, 2015

Barra de Navidad- Ensenada Carrizal

We awoke a little later than had planned because I accidentally set the alarm for 7:30 pm.  So, no walk today.  We did snag the French Baker one last time for a couple of days of quiche and croissants.  I went back to the pool and asked the front desk if my glasses showed up in lost and found.  Nope.  I guess I will be getting a new pair of Maui Jim's this summer.  

We pulled off the lines and headed out, followed shortly by Agave Azul and Shindig, our buddy boats for the trip south to Zihuatanejo.  

We were able to sail all the way, which was great.  We even got a chance to pull out the Spinnaker and play a little with her.  We still need more practice to get her out front a little more and be able to sail more down wind.  We definitely need to get a spinnaker pole before we cross the Pacific.

We all anchored down and then hunkered down, as the wind really came up.  We were going to host a happy hour on Pangaea, but with the wind gusts, it had to be postponed.

Another point south!

First Mate Kate


Nancy and I met to paddle in the am and ended up bringing Kathryn on Agave Azul Mike's board so she could join us.  We had fun paddling around the anchorage.  

Shortly afterwards, Rob picked us all up in their dinghy and took us snorkeling around the coral reefs.  At first we were a bit hesitant because there were tons of jellyfish in the water.  Rob bravely picked up a few and they didn't have tentacles with which to sting, so we all hopped in.  Thanks, Rob, for calming the ninny-wuss (a.k.a. Me) enough to swim with those little amoebas.

The wind picked up again in the afternoon, but I decided to be optimistic and prepped all the appetizers I had planned for our Happy Hour party.  Luckily, Mother Nature is a fan of good food, imbibing and socializing.  We had a fun time getting to know Robin and Kathryn on Agave Azul and we always enjoy our time with Rob and Nancy on Shindig.  Happy Hour turned into a five hour drinking and eating fest!  Nothing like drinking your dinner.  It was a good thing that we all shared hearty appetizers. 

Buzzed at bedtime,

First Mate Kate's 

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