Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tenacatita Bay

We were so happy to be back in Tenacatita Bay.  We missed stopping here on the way down to Zihuatanejo, but it was a must on our return north.  We have fond memories of coming here in '09 when we bought Pangaea.

One of the sweetest parts of being back here was seeing our friends Kathy and Jim on Solar Flair again.  We didn't miss a beat!

There was a huge swell in the bay, and I'm talking 8-9 feet huge.  Mike gave surfing a go again, and had encouraging cheers from me.  It was fun!  We took the dinghy into shore later that afternoon for bocci and Mexican train and had a perfect landing thanks to all our practice in Santiago.  The return to the boat trip was a lot more harrowing.  

Jim and Kathy were heading out from the beach in their dinghy as we walked along the shore.  We had offered our assistance but they turned us down. We watched as they went out, got knocked sideways and swamped their dinghy.  We went back to assist them and got them safely past the dangerous swell.  

Another dinghy went out after turning us down for assistance and ended up getting flipped over by a wave.  We went in and helped them get out safely, but it took two tries.

Then we were left to get out on our own. We had time and experience on our side after helping our fellow cruisers out.  We made a plan and executed it well, although we had to get over two large waves after we passed the breakwater, which included me jumping up and slamming down on the bow of the dinghy so we wouldn't flip.  Phew!  A few bruises later we were safely back on the boat.

We spent the evening dining on delicious homemade potato soup and fresh bread and playing music with Christie and Neil on Liahona.  We had an absolute blast!

Music makes everything better!!

First Mate Kate

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