Monday, March 30, 2015

Ipala to La Cruz

We had a lovely motor-sail to Ipala from Tenacatita today.  On our way, we spotted another sailboat heading there and we had fun pushing each other.

When we arrived, we met Evan and Monique on Margarita and we invited them to join us for dinner in town. A fishing boat was flagged down and our adventure began.  We had a lovely dinner at Restaurante Liz Adrian.

At first light the next morning, we both set off for Banderas Bay.  Margarita headed to Yelapa and we were off to La Cruz.

Once the wind picked up we were ready to sail.  However, our main halyard had a different idea.  As Mike was raising her, the clip of the halyard opened and came off the main sail and was swinging at the spreader height like a devient child.  The only way to sail would be to go up and retrieve her.  So, Mike grabbed a harness and climbed up the mast!

As we passed the opening to Yelapa, a humpback said hello!

We made it back in time to enjoy a dinner at Frascati with Kathryn and Robin on Agave Azul before they departed to Mazatlan.  

Another adventurous day!

First Mate Kate

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