Sunday, March 8, 2015

Zihuatanejo-A First Glimpse

We are really enjoying Z-town.  Ever since I saw the movie The Shawshank Redemption (one of my favorite movies) I have had it in my head to get to Zihuatanejo some day.  We made it!

This is a really cool place! The beaches are beautiful and there are three main beaches:  Playa Los Gatos, Playa La Ropa and Playa Madeira.

We arrived on Friday mid-afternoon, but really didn't see much of the town. We basically took our dinghy in, checked in with the Capatania de Puerto, grabbed some lunch and downloaded email. 

While we were eating, Robin and Kathryn (Agave Azul) came by with Robin's daughter Carrie and told us of his birthday catch.  He caught what they estimate was a 100- pound yellow-fin tuna on their trip to Zihuatanejo!  So, they invited us to their boat, along with Shindig and Trinity Rose for a Skipjack Net feast of sashimi!!!  It was truly melt-in-your-mouth delicious and beautifully prepared and presented.  Another lovely evening!  Thank you, Robin, for sharing!!

We spent all day today exploring, all while the lavandaria did our laundry.

First of all, I was immediately impressed by all the bronze statues scattered along the path of the shore and centro.  Many statues are of prominent Mexican women.

There was also a little "reptile garden".

One of our tasks for the day was to buy tickets for Guitar Fest and go online and reserve the gala concerts. So, we did a little reconnaissance trip to figure out where everything was.

On the way to the ticket office we saw a neat restaurant called La Terracita.  I decided that would be our lunch site.
They also happened to have great wifi. Bueno! It turned out to be a fabulous place, ranked #4 of all the restaurants in Zihuatanejo!

The food was amazingly delicious and the presentation was beautiful.  I also had cafe Mexicana for the first time and loved the cinnamon and orange flavors. 

I took pictures of our meals because they were so lovely.


After a very inspiring lunch we decided to explore the town.  On the way, we discovered a little market with live music. Again, so colorful!

The path along the playa was perfect, allowing an easy stroll with beachfront views.

I was touched by the fact that the path was peppered with hand-painted signs reminding us of the importance of keeping the beach clean and taking care of our planet

We enjoyed many little surprises along our journey today:

It turns out we had 10 kilos of laundry.  Mike was nice enough to haul it back to our dinghy.

The ticket office opened at 3,so we headed back down the playa.  We bought passes to get into all of the events.

GuitarFest really begins tomorrow, but there were two concerts as previews scheduled, one last night in Zihuatanejo and one tonight in Ixtapa at Las Brisas Hotel.  

We decided to go tonight with Kathryn and Robin on Agave Azul along with Robin's daughter Carrie.  We had a blast! Beginning with a cab ride that really was made for four; I sat on Mike's lap with my head outside the window.  I see now why dogs like this. It was cooler and much better views and a natural hair drier. :-)

The musicians tonight were from Mexico/London and Australia. The first performer played and sang and the second was a duo that did instrumental only.  One of the guys played ukulele on a couple of songs and really inspired me.

We had a more comfortable ride home and decided we were still hungry, so we headed to The Katrina Bar for some food. When we got there, all of the musicians for GuitarFest were there at a big table with the same idea!

A full day, and a great launch to GuitarFest.

Buenos Noches,

First Mate Kate

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