Sunday, May 11, 2014

Los Gatos


San Telmo- Los Gatos

25 deg 19' 88.9"N 110 deg 57' 90.4"W
25 deg  17'94.4"N 110 deg 56' 69.0"W

Engine hours-153.9-154.6

What a rough night we had!  We went to bed fairly early and at 11 pm were awakened by a strong coromuel.  The winds were blowing from the west around 18-22 knots with gusts over 30 (gale force).  Neither one of us slept much.

We said happy trails to Scott and Monica as they sailed by us and we decided to head south to Los Gatos.  The winds were kind to us this am, blowing from the NW and giving us a gentle surf-like sail all the way to our anchorage.  We sailed down wind with just the jib or headsail, and kept 4.5-5 kph.  On the way down we saw rays happily jumping out of the water and a couple dancing a little tango...nudge..nudge..wink..wink.  :-)

We arrived in Los Gatos about an hour after our departure and found it clear and calm...and all ours!  I even saw a sea turtle swimming in the water from my paddleboard.  

We snorkeled the north reef which was pretty awesome and paddled back to the boat for lunch.  On the way back we saw thousands of striped fish hovering near the bottom of the sea.  It was amazing.

After lunch I made pizza dough and then we took our SUPs to the beach for a walk and a frisbee.  At the north end of the beach we noticed a lot of rock lobster had been washed up on the shore.  After a little more exploring, we saw a few lobsters hiding under rocks near the shore. We went back to the boat to get our masks/snorkels and were officially on a mission to have lobster for dinner.

I got some great footage of the process.  It turns out that lobsters are pretty speedy little creatures.  I decided to join Mike in the quest for lobster.  In the end, the hunt was pretty fun, even though we have to have pizza for dinner. :-)

The wind picked up from the south and got the boat rocking and rolling.  

Rock-a-bye Babies,

First Mate Kate

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