Monday, May 5, 2014

Provisioning in Loreto

Isla Coronados-Loreto- Ballandra

9:30 am-3:10 pm

Engine hours 138.0-140.2

26 deg 06' 12.0" N 111 deg 16'34.1"W
26 deg 05' 58.0" N 111 deg 21'43.1"W
26 deg 01'5.09" N 111 deg 9' 8.70"W

We saw dolphins swimming near the anchorage as we left.  Instant happiness!

We had an easy motor from Isla Coronados to Loreto.  The wind and seas were calm which was good, as we were leaving our boat on the hook in front of the marina in order to provision, and big wind or swells would leave us worried about Pangaea's safety.

Ok BCBFFs....the boats pictured here are "Marge" and "Alicia"

After taking the dinghy into the marina we walked downtown to the Dali store to get high quality goods.  They had steaks, cheeses, whole wheat flour, spirits, tonic, water, crackers, sparkling water, agave, and snacks for sailing.  We took a cab to the super mercado for fruits, veggies, tortillas and yogurt.

Before we knew it we were back in the dinghy with all of our goodies.

We had a really fast sail from Loreto to Ballandra.  We sailed at a close reach at 6.3 knots, which was a ton of fun!  We had about 12-13 knots of wind.

As we took down our sails, we saw more dolphins swimming by to say hello.  After we anchored, Mike and I went snorkeling around the rocks looking for dinner options.  Unfortunately, it wasn't in the cards to have fish tonight.  We made Thai instead after warming up with hot showers.

Glad to be back in Balandra.

First Mate Kate

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