Saturday, May 10, 2014

San Telmo


Bahia Agua Verde
San Marte
San Telmo

25 deg 31' 30.7"N 111 deg 04'44.1"W
25 deg 30' 0.97"N 111 deg 01' 0.50"W
25 deg 19' 88.9"N 110 deg 57' 90.4"W


Engine hours 149.2-151.9-153.9

What a great day we had!  We left Agua Verde after a really nice three days there and headed to San Marte to do some snorkeling.  Cap Cat had been there and raved about it so we had to check it out.

It was fantastic!  Easily the best snorkeling we have done so far.  Many varieties of fish, and schools of them...everywhere.  Big fish, little fish, red fish,  you know!

From there we were able to sail to San Telmo...almost right to our anchor spot. When we got settled, Mike looked over at the other boat anchored here and said, "That looks like Scott Free!"  We jumped on our paddle board and worked our way up wind to our neighboring boat and sure enough! It was Scott and Monica!   We hung out on the side of their boat and chatted for a while, catching up on the last 6 weeks.  

The surf was picking up so we said goodbye and headed back to the boat, this time downwind. 

We showered with hot water from the engine running and made dinner...chicken cordon bleu.

Two week coundown.

First Mate Kate  

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