Monday, May 5, 2014

Punta Pulpito

Playa Coyote-Punta Pulpito

26 deg 43' 22.5"N 111 deg 54' 21.3"W
26 deg 30' 72.9"N 111 deg 26' 90.1"W

Engine hours 125.3-135.2
Partly cloudy- wispy cirrus clouds
Rolly seas with 1-2 foot swell
Light winds out of the SE

9 am-7 pm

Catch of the day:  Mexican Barracuda 

It was hard to leave Playa Coyote.  That was definitely one of my favorite anchorages, and what a day we had!!   We left early, as we had 48 nm to travel today.  The 16 knots of wind we were promised only turned out to be 6, so we motor sailed on a beam reach which gave us a little advantage of speed.  

Mike finally whipped the auto pilot into shape which allowed us both a more relaxed day.  I even managed to get a nap in.  The whole nap concept is one I am highly in favor of regularly participating.  I really understand the siesta mentality here. 

The drone of the engine was interrupted by the whizz of the line running out, and it was a nice break to catch a fish! We will cook it up tonight and let you know how it tastes.  This is a first barracuda for us. The teeth on that little guy were impressive!

We had a pretty quiet marine-life day, although the rays never disappoint with their acrobatics.  A nice surprise came after the anchor was down in Punta Pulpito.  A family of dolphins came in to show off their baby.  They were practicing diving and swimming with a little tail splash at the end.

The showers felt especially soothing after a long, hot sail.  Now on to enjoying our sundowner.

Glad to be here safely,

First Mate Kate

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  1. Hi Kids! I, too, caught a whole gaggle of 'Mexican Barracuda' and threw them back, as barracuda are not one of my favorite fish. If you noted some yellow spots down their sides, they actually were Sierra, and are awesome to eat. Buen Provecho!!