Monday, May 12, 2014

Mangle Solo


Los Gatos -Timbabiche -Mangle Solo
3 nm, 18 nm

25 deg 17'94.4"N 110 deg 56' 69.0"W
25 deg 16'29.7"N 110 deg 56'40.4"W
25 deg 01'09.6"N 110 deg 41'06.1"W

Engine hours 154.6-155.6-156.8

6:30-7:30, 9:00-2:30

Winds calm- seas 3-4' chop (initially)
Winds 6-12 from the N 3-4' swells
Sunny but a weird haze over the whole sea

Well rock'n roll we did last night, which makes two nights of not great sleeping for both of us.  Thankfully we had nice, downwind sailing.  We took advantage of the rough seas and winds to practice using our windvane with which to steer.

The sea was churning for most of the day and we had absolutely zero marine life sightings. Sad.  

We arrived at our anchorage in good time; we were blessed with speed today.  I am happy to report that it is just lovely and calm.  A perfect recipe for a good nights sleep!

Sleepy in the Sea of Cortez,

First Mate Kate

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