Monday, May 5, 2014

Punta Chivato revisited


Santa Rosalia-Punta Chivato

27 deg 20'14.9"N 112 deg 15'49.6"W
27 deg 3' 8.40" N 111 deg 57'64.7"W

10 am-5 pm

Engine hours 115.7-121.4
Switched tanks at 118.0 to port

Mostly sunny
Wind out of the east 4-10 knots
Calm seas

We left Santa Rosalia and started our journey back down the sea. We were greeted by dolphins as we left, which is such a gift.  About an hour later, Mike spotted a pod of pilot whales right off our bow.  I was able to take a nice video to share.  Sorry about the up and's tricky to be on a moving base.

We had to motor sail until the early afternoon, when we got some really nice sailing in.

We arrived in the Punta Chivato anchorage to happily find many friends: Terry and Heidi on Cetus, Dianne and Jim on Prairie Oyster and, of course, Jim and Kathy on Solar Flair.

We got a nice sunset paddle in and made our way to say hello to everyone.

We made enmolades for dinner tonight.  I think they were better than the ones we had in Loreto.

Grateful for today,

First Mate Kate

Day 2


Happy 4-20 and Feliz Semana Santa all!  It is a beautiful day here in Punta Chivato and we started the day with a lovely breakfast in the company of Terry and Heidi on Cetus and Dianne and Jim on Prairie Oyster.  We ate at a very quaint hotel/restaurant just past the airstrip, dining in an outside patio area.  The decor was a combination of western and Mexican, and the hotel had a refreshing pool in the courtyard.  There was a stray dog who came to say hello with a painted on face which he seemed embarrased by.  I guess someone was having fun.  

As we walked back, Dianne pointed out to me the golf course along the road. I hadn't noticed it before as there are no greens.  The tee box consists of a square of astro-turf.  The rest is desert.  Talk about sand traps!

Mike and I spent the rest of the morning playing and singing together.  We are working on rhythm and steady tempos.  I'd say we made a lot of progress.

The afternoon was all about shelling.  The six of us went to the shelling beach and spent two hours walking up and down the beach gathering gems to take back with us.  We all were looking for slightly different things, so it was fun to look for everyone.

Mike and I went for a paddle and a swim and then we all headed to Cetus for pizza.  Yum!

Great friends and new memories.

First Mate Kate

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